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All Wrocław Historical Hotels, with the exception of the Lothus Hotel situated at ul. Wita Stwosza, are located at ul. Piłsudskiego. Today’s street Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego for one hundred and fifty years was one of the most important streets in the city.

Nowadays, its historical glam is restored, which is manifested for example by great revitalization of PKP Central Railway Station as well as Capitol Music Theatre, between which our hotels are situated. Their traditions reach many years into the pre-war and post-war past. The Polonia Hotel is the former “Vier Jahreszeiten” dating back to 1911, Europejski Hotel – “Hohenzollernhof” from 1876, while the Piast Hotel is the former “Kronprinz”, 1908, at that time being the most elegant hotel in the city. Neighbouring Kronprinz and Du Nord Hotel (erected in 1903) formed a specific gate leading to the historical city centre. Hotels which are currently in operation are Europejski*** ( 96 rooms), Polonia*** (123 rooms) as well as Piast**, which had it glam restored after thorough modernization and renovation of the Piast Tourist House. In February 2015 we opened the facility including 92 rooms, representing the nominal standard of 2 stars, but in practice having the standard of 3 stars. The third star is a gift for our Visitors. The Lothus Hotel, which we purchased in 2017 for 13 million zlotys from Wrocław University of Technology, has 76 rooms and was awarded with three stars. It is located in the very heart of Wrocław, right by the Market Square and Ostrów Tumski district.

Grand Hotel, the renovation of which has already begun, will have its past nobility restored as a four-star hotel in 2021.

Odra Tourist Enterprise was established by the Mayor of Wrocław. It was initially named “ODRA” Wrocław Tourist Economy Enterprise. In 1989 its name was changed into “Odra Tourist” State Enterprise. Basic forms of its activity included: hotel, touristic as well as restaurant activity.

In 1999, contract for the sales of “Odra Tourist” shares was signed for the benefit of DEXPOL S.A. Manufacturing and Trade Enterprise.

In the year 2000, Shareholders’ Assembly of DEXPOL S.A. Manufacturing and Trade Enterprise in Wrocław as well as the shareholders of “ODRA TOURIST” S.A. in Wrocław unanimously decided on the merger of companies under the name DEXPOL S.A. Manufacturing and Trade Enterprise in Wrocław.

After numerous organizational changes inside “Dexpol” S.A. Capital Group, the Owner of Wrocław Historical Hotels is the “Rafin Developer” company, with its share capital of 241 million zlotys, which ensures its development potential and makes it possible to implement attractive projects. The “Rafin” company builds and sells flats and usable spaces in attractive locations: the Krzyki district in Wrocław – “Partynice Haus”; in the very heart of the Old Town – “Kępa Mieszczańska”; in the City Center – “Wybrzeże Reymonta” – this is where a new residential area for 2000 inhabitants is being constructed. In Iwiny, 300 meters from the administrative border of the city of Wrocław, “Rafin” has developed the district formed by intelligent houses at the price of apartments.

For many years, the company has been taking part in the modernization of Wrocław city centre – renovating and restoring past glam of Wrocław Historical Hotels, but in a way to meet current technical and civilizational standards. We are also an important sponsor and patron of culture and sport. Thanks to our financial and organizational support, super show “Baron Cygański” was organized in the Centennial Hall – the concert of world-famous solo singer Aleksandra Kurzak and Krzysztof Cugowski entitled “Dwa Żywioły”. We supported the International Tennis Tournament “ATP Wrocław Open” as well as support squash leagues, Wrocław running events as well as young football players UKP Olimpiakos Rafin Żerniki…

In 2007, the Owner entrusted the management of Wrocław Historical Hotels in our company – COHM Spółka z o.o. The modernization of Europejski Hotel and Piast Hotel took place under our management. In the late 2007, COHM Company took over the management of the Lothus Hotel which, having been re-categorized, was awarded with the status of a 3-star facility. The renovation and modernization of the Grand Hotel is being conducted under our supervision.
For decades, our hotels served Visitors from all over the world, who were ready to appreciate the professionalism of our staff and excellent location in the vicinity of the greatest attractions of the city of Wrocław. For years, our distinguished guests have added reputation and magical climate to our hotels, attracting modern travellers.
Renovated and modernized hotels had their former glam restored and additionally, they offer 21st-century technical and logistic amenities. In 2017, the Europejski Hotel celebrated 140th anniversary of its establishment. Its Memorial Book contains excellent opinions. Among the signatures which can be found inside there are among others those of President Vaclac Havel or a distinguished actor Janusz Gajos.

As it has already been mentioned in the introductory part, Wrocław Historical Hotels, with the exception of the “Lothus” Hotel, are situated at ul. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego. For many years, they were managed by Wrocław Touristic Economy Enterprise “Odra” – the oldest company of this type in Wrocław and in Lower Silesia region. Historical Hotels are currently managed by the COHM company which among businesses of this kind can be distinguished by its young staff. Average COHM employee is not older than 30 years. It is the sign of our era and of transformations which took place in Wrocław, Lower Silesia and Poland. We are a team of young experts, knowing the history of our city, we have acquired expert knowledge at Wrocław universities and have connected our life plans and dreams with this great city.

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